You are ill or recovering from an accident, or you are on maternity leave, or your physical capacity is diminished… therefore, you want help with your daily household chores...

...we will be  there for you!


PutzZentrale is an official partner of various Spitex organisations.


Our offer:

  • cleaning your household once a week or every 2 weeks, doing your laundry and ironing
  • one-off cleaning of windows and shutters, kitchen, bathroom, etc.
  • running errands or grocery shopping
  • careful, professional execution of your order


Our employee – your trustworthy personal housekeeping help


If you have a medical prescription for housekeeping help and have taken out the relevant complementary insurance policy, part of the costs will be covered by your health insurance. Please ask your insurer!


Did we succeed in convincing you? Please call us at 0848 111 112 or choose the regional PutzZentrale branch closest to you.

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